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Weight Loss Testimonials

You name it, I have tried it… I have been on a weight gain and loss rollercoaster since after I had my son, over 20 years ago. I have starved myself, juiced myself, injected pregnancy hormones and cabbage souped myself into weight loss that never lasted. It was a viscous losing battle.

That changed when I went to The Helm Center for Weight Loss. My health and wellness was honestly their primary concern, it was not just words. Their medical assistants gave me food plan that was so simple and required no counting and most important it didn’t leave me hungry. I have struggled with will power my entire life; we set goals that I could keep and for the first time in my life I was losing weight the right way. The staff makes a lot of sense and gives you tips and tricks that are brilliant to keep you on track.
One month I plateaued and got really discouraged. We changed my eating plan and medication, and some staff even met me on weekends to go for a brisk hike. They kicked my butt right back into losing weight.
I lost 22 pounds. I am equipped with the tools I need to maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
I can never express how grateful I am for your patience with me, your confidence in me and for sharing in my joy! *

This was my first experience with any clinical weight loss regimen. That being said, the results, physically and psychologically, have been palpable. After having gained a significant amount of weight, I had great difficulty taking it off. The program at The Helm Center for Weight Loss made doing just that not only relatively easy, but also quick and painless.

This truly is a program that cares about the wellness of their patients, which was evidenced from the attention and dedication of the staff. I received qualified and valuable advice that ultimately proved effective, as I lost 13 lbs. My quality of life has significantly risen. I have more energy, feel more confident, and just in general feel more like my old self.
This is a program I would strongly recommend to anyone. Thank you Dr. Helm and your staff.*

I lost twenty eight pounds at the helm center. The group setting I chose to participate in was very helpful in keeping me accountable and also for great ideas and just knowing that I wasn’t alone.

We were all there for the same reason and had the same goal. We all helped each other achieve each other’s goal. In my group of weight loss members, every single one of us met or exceeded our goal.
I am so grateful to this center. I had been to other clinics and lost weight and put it right back on. I would go to my old weight loss center step on a scale, get my pills and return the next week and do the same. This clinic is very different. They really educate you on health and nutrition and creating a lifelong plan for success. I had no idea how much being heavy was affecting me personally and emotionally. I knew I wasn’t comfortable and wished I was thinner but I now realize how incredibly depressed I was.
Thank you Dr. Helm, Kylea and Elia for helping me. My husband and kids thank you too. *

* Disclaimer: The results for all weight loss programs will vary according to each individual, program compliance, personal dedication, time and effort. As a result, despite its best efforts, The Helm Center cannot guarantee that results will always meet expectations.