July 8, 2014

New Psychosocial services at the Helm Center

We are excited to announce that The Helm Center will offer enhanced psychological services. Interventional pain management has four components:
Procedures, such as epidural injections;
Functional restoration, meaning exercise, and
Cognitive behavioral therapy.
Cognitive behavioral therapy, or the psychological management of pain, can be the most important as how respond to stress, pain and disability is crucial in determining the impact that stress, pain and disability has on our life.
We at The Helm Center are pleased to announce our Psychosocial Pain Management Program, under the direction of Jennifer Martin Psych D and George Tucker PhD.
This approach is based on the biopsychosocial model of pain, which states that pain is based not only on the physical (biological) factors going on with your body, but also your personal make and the social factors that you live in. Trying to treat chronic pain without dealing with the various psychological and social factors is very frustrating both the person in pain and also the doctors. You as an injured are likely to have ongoing reduced relations with friends and family if these issues are at play.
The Helm Center has always offered psychological counseling. We are pleased now to announce that it is expanded, to include individually tailored services, including
• Individual therapy
• Family therapy
• Group therapy.
• Biofeedback
• Ancillary services, such as Yoga or acupuncture
• Educational classes
Our goal is to empower you to have control over your pain, rather than pain having control over you.
Psychological services are one component of pain management, not the only component. By providing the full range of psychological services, The Helm Center continues to Provide More Options, with Better Outcomes!