The Helm Center relieves chronic pain and improves quality of life through customized, targeted, contemporary pain management.

Medication Management

A medication management program is a very important part of treating pain. At The Helm Center, we use medication management therapy as one tool out of many to treat your pain.

We use a variety of medications such as Gabatril, Topamax, Neurontin, Zanaflex, Zonegran, Elavil, Trazodone, Seroquel, Effexor, Lexapro and Cymbalta to treat a variety of conditions, including neuropathic pain.

The medications that generate the most discussion, however, are the narcotics (opioids). Opioids are very important medications, which can be the difference between functioning well and not functioning at all. Unfortunately, they can also be abused.

In order for us to provide you medications, we have to have a medical diagnosis; otherwise, we are simply providing medications for diversion and abuse, a practice we are diligent to avoid.

As part of our medication management therapy we will:

  • Require information from previous healthcare providers
  • Take a history and perform a physical exam
  • We may require imaging studies and referrals to specialists

If you need or want in-patient detoxification for opioid abuse, we have access to high-quality inpatient substance abuse programs that we are glad to refer you to.

Our goal, as physicians providing controlled substances and as specialists in interventional pain management, is to diagnose and treat the causes of your pain. One common concern is that medication is just a band-aid. Remember, we use these medications to allow you to function in situations where we cannot cure your pain.

Our goal in providing medications to you is to decrease pain and increase function. If you receive large doses of opioids with no decrease in pain and no improvement in function, then you should carefully consider stopping the medications.

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We will not fill lost medications except under very rare circumstances, so please keep track of your medications.


We usually refill medications on a monthly basis. Make sure that you have an appointment to get your medications in time. We may not be able to help you if you do not have an appointment and run out of medications. We do not refill medications on nights and weekends