The Helm Center relieves chronic pain and improves quality of life through customized, targeted, contemporary pain management.


If you’re considering adding opioids to your pain management program, The Helm Center will:

  • Provide you with informed consent as to the risks and benefits of receiving opioids.
  • Inform you of the medication management terms under which we will provide opioids.

If you require opioids therapy, you will be asked to sign the attached informed consent. Only after receiving consent will we begin this form of medication management service:

Click here for Opioid Agreement

If you require treatment with scheduled medications, you will be asked to sign this Agreement to receive Chronic Opioid Therapy. This document outlines the terms under which we will provide you medications:

  • The underlying concept is that we will treat you and your pain with respect; in turn, we expect you to treat the providers and staff at The Helm Center with respect.
  • We do not fill any form of medication over the weekend.
  • We ask that you only acquire opioids from us and that you do not share your medications with others.

Addiction is a major issue. There are two components to addiction:

  • Medical Addiction
    Medical addiction is a medical phenomenon. Many drugs cannot be abruptly stopped after prolonged usage without running the risk of negative side effects. Examples of these drugs include certain anti high blood pressure medication, anti-seizure medications, baclofen, steroids, and even Afrin. Treating the problems associated with stopping these medications is a medical issue. In like manner, treating the problems associated with stopping narcotics is a medical issue.
  • Psychological Addiction
    A distinct problem is psychological addiction. We believe that about 20% of the patients we see in a practice like ours have some problem with controlled substances. If we are to ensure that patients who need medications for a legitimate medical purpose are to have access to these medications, then we need to be diligent in ensuring that we do not provide medications that are abused or diverted.

At The Helm Center for Pain Management, we will use contemporary techniques to diagnose and treat your pain. You may call to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists today.