The Helm Center relieves chronic pain and improves quality of life through customized, targeted, contemporary pain management.


In order to ensure that we are treating a medical condition and that you are taking the medications we give you, we maintain the right to obtain random urine drug screens. We are looking for the presence of the medications that we are giving you and the absence of other scheduled medications which we are not giving you. If we provide you opioids, we will get a urine sample for a urine drug screen at your first visit. We will get repeat urine drug screens at random intervals as part of The Helm Center’s medication management services.

We are also looking for the absence of illegal drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamine. Presence of these drugs will lead to our no longer providing you with scheduled medications.


At The Helm Center, Dr. Helm and associates will use contemporary techniques in medication management and pain therapy to diagnose and treat your pain. If you live in the Laguna Hills or greater Orange County area, call today to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists.