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What to Expect During a Procedure

After entering the outpatient facility, you will be checked in. Then you will be taken to the preoperative area. Depending on the type of procedure, such as a procedure on your neck, you may change into a hospital gown. If you are having sedation, an IV will be started.

At the time of the procedure, the nurse will walk you into the procedure room, unless you are having a procedure in the operating room, in which case you would be wheeled in on a gurney. Once in the room, you would get onto your back or stomach as appropriate, and then have a blood pressure cuff, an EKG and an oxygen monitor placed. If you are having sedation, you would receive it at this point.

We would clean your back off and then numb up the area where we are going to do the procedure. We will perform the procedure and you would go back to the recovery room.

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